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Pumpkin, you bread my mind!
Hungry for the rich flavors, of the season?  Check us out this fall!
We have Cranberry Pumpkin Sourdough made with local, freshly picked pumpkin, Whole Wheat Multigrain, crusted with steel cut oats, Sourdough Seeded Rye, with caraway,
Cranberry Walnut Wheat Sourdough, and for the richest, most flavorful and health forward of the bunch: 
Hemp Seeded Spelt- an ancient grain packed with protein, paired with Omega 3 rich Hemp seeds in a natural sourdough! 
for those who like a crusty, more traditional loaf, we have Country French, a crusty, light fresh bread made with bloomed yeast--not at all sour!
Our selection is vast, and grows all of the time!
Check us out this week at  one of our Farmers’  Markets, and meet your makers!
Most of our ingredients come from that market!